New PostGreSQL Button

Just a short update.

I’ve had the opportunity to take part in a seriously fun and interesting project where we try out a couple of available DWA tools on different platforms (SQL Server, PostgreSQL). 

So far, every D♯ implementation ever has been exclusively for the Microsoft platform. A rather interesting side effect of this (still ongoing) project is the possibility to choose a PostgreSQL database as the target platform, which opens up a lot of possibilities (like adding any new platform through scripting and templates). 

So, as of yesterday (not bad for a monday), using the same mappings and conceptual model (modeled with Ellie), I can press the MS button and get a fully functional SQL Server / Azure Data Vault implementation (nothing new there), but I can also press the PostgreSQL button and get a fully functional PostgreSQL Data Vault implementation, which is new. So expect that feature to be included in a future release, as it makes perfect commercial sense to be database platform independent.

All in all, that’s seriously cross-platform low code, plus 100% reuse of model & mappings!

Back to work, stay tuned,


We are extremely happy to announce that Tero-Matti Kinanen has joined DSharp Oy as our new CEO on October 29, 2021.

He has previously worked at Productivity Leap, DigiFinland and Cerion Solutions and is one of the leading data professionals in Finland. He has recently worked within the health care industry, and is one of the key players in designing the national Data Platform Architecture for the Health And Social Services Reform.

His contact information can be found here.

We want to welcome Tero-Matti to the Team!

High productivity in modern data platform development is the key to success. Our partners grow their businesses successfully with D♯; one person does the job of five to six persons during the development lifecycle.

Have a look at this 49 second video clip by Cerion Solutions.

The longer version can be found here.

During spring and autumn 2021 we did a market study regarding emerging trends and focus areas in Business Data Platforms together with University of Turku.  

Key phenomena studied were: 

  • Business Data Platforms
  • Low Code in Highly Scaleable Data Platform solutions
  • Business Driven Conceptual Modeling and rapid model-to-implementation methodologies
  • Automated Data Warehouses
  • Data Vault 2.0
  • Data Mesh
  • DevOps and DataOps
  • Better and quicker decisions among leading decision makers

The recurring theme during the whole study was the importance of collaboration between business people, decision makers and IT professionals. One of the most challenging things in the whole data consumption market is how to efficiently reach a common understanding of the needs.

The two main take-aways from this study are:

  • There is a rapidly growing need for methodologies, skills and tools to reap the benefits of the explosively growing data volumes and diversity
  • DSharp has the business driven methodology, tools and the training program to meet that challenge

The study further confirmed our vision. We are now more confident than ever, that our positioning is in the core of this growing market. Right on target.

Take a look at the story published by the UTU-team here: Teräviä havaintoja tietovarastoinnista – case D♯ | Work Informatics (

The cooperation was very pleasant! Thank you, Team UTU!

Yours, D# Team


We are happy to announce that the D♯ Developer Community site has been opened to BDP developers. All current licensed D♯ professionals have been given access, as will all future ones. So, without further ado, welcome everybody, and let’s get going!

Also take a look at our Training Program presented in our June story.

Best Regards,

The D♯ Team