During spring and autumn 2021 we did a market study regarding emerging trends and focus areas in Business Data Platforms together with University of Turku.  

Key phenomena studied were: 

  • Business Data Platforms
  • Low Code in Highly Scaleable Data Platform solutions
  • Business Driven Conceptual Modeling and rapid model-to-implementation methodologies
  • Automated Data Warehouses
  • Data Vault 2.0
  • Data Mesh
  • DevOps and DataOps
  • Better and quicker decisions among leading decision makers

The recurring theme during the whole study was the importance of collaboration between business people, decision makers and IT professionals. One of the most challenging things in the whole data consumption market is how to efficiently reach a common understanding of the needs.

The two main take-aways from this study are:

  • There is a rapidly growing need for methodologies, skills and tools to reap the benefits of the explosively growing data volumes and diversity
  • DSharp has the business driven methodology, tools and the training program to meet that challenge

The study further confirmed our vision. We are now more confident than ever, that our positioning is in the core of this growing market. Right on target.

Take a look at the story published by the UTU-team here: Teräviä havaintoja tietovarastoinnista – case D♯ | Work Informatics (utu.fi).

The cooperation was very pleasant! Thank you, Team UTU!

Yours, D# Team

Updated the FAQ section with D♯ Engine error message and other tips. Also fixed some typos elsewhere.


We are happy to announce that the D♯ Developer Community site has been opened to BDP developers. All current licensed D♯ professionals have been given access, as will all future ones. So, without further ado, welcome everybody, and let’s get going!

Also take a look at our Training Program presented in our June story.

Best Regards,

The D♯ Team

Community Pages are Live! There will be Community Posts like this one whenever something new is added to the pages.

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More and more customers are committing to D♯. The number of license subscriptions and data professionals keeps growing. We are extremely happy that DSharp Oy is already breaking even, which is a testament to a highly competitive product and training program.

D♯ SmartEngine 2.5 has been rolled out to partners and customers. The release is mostly a technical upgrade, pushing three years worth of updates to the UI library, but also usability and analysis functionality have been improved.

The Training Program keeps on rockin’. Last week we had another sold-out Online Intro course, and the next one will take place in late September. We will also give the first Online Advanced course starting next week for those who have previously attended the Intro course, so that’s a good opportunity to have a pragmatic look at real-world situations and how to handle them using the D♯ Toolbox. Please contact us to join!