Cerion and DSharp showroom

Join us 25. – 26.5.2021 at the IT-days for health care in Finland “Sosiaali- ja terveydenhuollon Atk-päivät”!

We are virtually present with our partner Cerion Solutions Oy to showcase our technology in the field of automated health data platforms.

From Health and other Data via Integration to Information, Intelligence and Insight. Leading to better decisions quicker!

Main topics this year are related to the big changes in Finland, security and emerging technology.
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Welcome to meet us in our showroom!

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Data Warehouse Automation

During 2018-2020 LUT University went through major changes and mergers. The need for collecting and unifying reliable data to feed reporting, analytics and forecasting became acute. LUT, Cerion and DSharp co-operated in specifying and implementing a modern, scalable and flexible data platform to improve support for decision making in the new organization. In parallel LUT has also succeeded in creating a common data governance model for further development of the BI-solution.

During the first phase LUT has trained its own personnel to use the D# methodology and tools, growing into new age data professionals, and is now able to independently maintain and further develop the solution. Read more about the success story (in finnish) here.

The roles of DSharp experts in the first phase were:

  • Training and coaching customer and partner experts
  • Lead consultant for conceptual modeling and solution design
  • Methodology and tool box consulting and developer support


Together with DSharp’s partner Cerion Solutions Oy, our Professional Services have an essential role in creating the Realia Group customer success story you can read about (in finnish) here.

Our active contribution to the project has been, among other tasks, evaluations, specifications, conceptual modeling workshops as well as coaching the implementation team.


Together with Cerion and Microsoft we arranged a webinar regarding Conceptual Modeling and Data Vault 2.0 Automation on 13.4.2021 at 13.00. See the agenda here!

We thank all participants!

Watch the webinar here!


The demand for Data Vault 2.0 and D♯-based Data Platforms is growing rapidly. In parallel the need for business-driven conceptual and data modeling is on the rise as our customers and partners invest in Data Leadership, Data Governance, smarter Data Architectures, etc.

We are urgently searching for Data Professionals to join our growing D♯ community. DSharp is recruiting. Many of our customers and partners are also recruiting, see our partner Cerion Solutions Oy as one example.

The D♯ community offers you a career into several new school data professions. Professionals like business data platform developers, project- and customer managers, business analysts, information architects, product managers, and data specialists are wanted. In DSharp Oy we also offer a training program ensuring smooth learning and professional coaching into the exciting and rapidly changing data world. With us you are free to grow and develop yourself utilizing modern and efficient Data Platform methodologies and tools. D♯ Toolbox includes modeling, automation, low code, and database tools.

Active members of our growing D♯ community will welcome you and they are ready for you and help you to grow professionally.