DSharp is a software company creating innovative products and methods for low code data platform development and maintenance. The D#-Methodology and D#-Toolbox are the most advanced tools for data platform automation and customers are achieving 80% less lifecycle costs during the development and operations of their data warehouse.

Our experience in the DWA field is unprecedented, with Data Warehouses using Conceptual model-based DW Automation having been built with our software since 2006 (with fully automated Data Vault support since 2009). Read more about it in the pioneer article (Finnish only).

Why “D♯”? Read about it here.

The Team

Tero-Matti Kinanen
CEO, Sales, Partner Relations
tel. +358 40 584 9382 | tero-matti.kinanen@dsharp.fi

Konsta Weber
Business Development Lead, Sales
tel. +358 40 8204 983 | konsta.weber@dsharp.fi| Book a time right into Konsta’s calendar here.

Kim Johnsson
Product Owner, Coach, Developer Relations
tel. +358 40 9000 476 | kim.johnsson@dsharp.fi

Sonja Reinvall
tel. +358 50 311 1893 | sonja.reinvall@dsharp.fi

Mika Ali-Rantala
Investor Relations
tel. +358 50 414 1681

Yngve Nyman
tel. +358 40 9000 478 | yngve.nyman@dsharp.fi