Yngve is a seasoned business development professional that has been involved in developing more than 15 different successful companies. These include global companies like Accenture, Nokia and Apple as well as successful start-up companies like IOBox, Terra Mobile (both currently part of telefonica.com), Kronodoc and UniqMinds. Startups included development and exits.

He is a co-founder of Cerion, has been one of the driving forces in the original D♯ Task Force, executing the Cerion carve-out project and is now supporting the D♯ Team in taking the product to the open market and starting DSharp Oy fundraising.

Yngve builds bridges between business units, IT and “management”. His approach to business development is market-driven, agile and result-oriented. Modern DevOps, innovation, motivation and fun-at-work, executing change and fit-for-purpose are some key driving principles in his work.