DSharp Oy (DS) was split from its sister Company Cerion Solutions Oy (CS) on 1.1.2021. The separation of DS has been performed and the DS identity as well as the D♯ product brand has been created from scratch during 2021. Several new D# product versions and related D# services were launched during 2021, the D# training program was launched and dozens of new D# professionals have been trained to form a growing D♯ community. The company has also succeeded to close many new license subscription deals and it reached its first break even month in autumn 2021. Now we want to accelerate growth.

DS’s sister company CS was sold to Netum Group Oy 1.10.2021.

Ownership and Commitment

From January to October 2021 DSharp Oy was 100% owned by Nodel Oy (previously Cerion Oy). In November 2021 Nodel Oy sold 30% of the company to DSharp Oy’s key team members committed to DS progress and success. In February 2022 Nodel Oy sold the remaining 70% of the company, making it completely owned by key team members and a new investor.

Independent Progress

DS is now completely independent from its former sister company CS, which continues to grow as an excellent business partner to DS. We are also searching for new partners, and negotiations are in progress with new potential partners. We treat all DSharp partners in the same neutral, independent and fair manner.

New Investors

We are searching for new investors to speed up our success story from this point forward. We need leadership, skills and commitment. We need a partner that can THINK BIG, with an international vision and the right connections. If you are interested, please contact Mika Ali-Rantala at +358 50 414 1681.