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Introducing DSharp Engine version 4.0

We are excited to announce the latest version of our D# Engine, version 4.0. With this new release, we have added some major new features that will take the tool’s capabilities to the next level. One of the most significant new features in version 4.0 is the support for Microsoft Synapse Analytics. Specifically, our tool automatically handles table distribution and selects the best indexing model for each table using the exact same metadata our users […]

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Järvenpää to the top of cities in knowledge management

The city of Järvenpää is now able to produce reports quickly and cost-effectively from different information systems. The information has been harnessed even better for decision-making and it is also planned to be shared openly with the municipal citizens. DSharp worked together with Netum on the data platform project for Järvenpää. Business modeling in focus Data warehouse automation played a key role in the development of Järvenpää city’s knowledge-based management. At the heart of data […]


Database Connectivity, Mapping Editor And Improved Data Grid

The new version 3.2 of the D# Engine brings direct database connectivity. You can now connect to source and target servers using native drivers when connecting to Microsoft SQL Server variants and ODBC otherwise. Use the new Servers tree view to browse the contents of the registered database servers. You can also import the table structures into new mapping files from here, which makes mapping easier than before. The Source-data-to-Model-element mapping process is now inside […]


Become Our New Software Developer

We are hiring innovative and disciplined software developers for our top quality software. Now is the best time to join and become a key member of our core team.

You can be an experienced software developer, just starting your career or you might perhaps be still finishing your studies. You are highly motivated, self-driven, ambitious and have the right attitude.