Implementation Partners

Netum Group

Netum and Cerion Solutions merged during 2022.  Both were DSharp partners before the merger. See public release here.

Some examples of our brilliant cooperation:

Productivity Leap

Productivity Leap uses D♯ for yet another productivity leap!

Koeda Consulting

Technology Partners


Visual Paradigm

  • Visual paradigm is an essential part of the D# Toolbox and Methodology
  • Visual paradigm is a precise and easy to use modeling tool for creation of the conceptual model

Ellie Technologies Inc.

  • D# Engine reads Ellie formats and Ellie is a part of the D# Toolbox and Methodology
  • Ellie is extremely easy to use for the creation of the conceptual model, also for non technical users


  • We are part of the PostgreSQL Community and support their open databases

Marketplaces and Listings

Tiera Marketplace run by Atea

  • The D# Engine License can be purchased via the Tiera Marketplace

Microsoft Azure Marketplace

  • The DSharp Engine is listed in the Azure Marketplace here

Microsoft AppSource

  • See DSharp’s company page on the Microsoft AppSource
  • The DSharp Engine is listed in Microsoft AppSource here