Our D# training program aims to pro-actively coach and train Data Professionals. The illustration below shows our approach and answer to a rapidly growing demand for highly skilled Data Experts. With the right mix of training courses, self-study and on-the-job training we create an exciting and motivating learning-by-doing environment for young professionals as well as more experienced Data Professional.

Boost your Data Career within our growing community, working with us, at our partners or customers!

DSharp Training Program

A Data Career starts with a right level of curiosity and interest into the Data World. DSharp’s solution is for Data Professionals that are interested in scalable, sustainable, flexible and fully automated data platforms. You may be a graduate or you may already have built a lot of Data and Analytics systems and solutions, but something is missing: Re-usability, transparency in collaboration or something else? Join our demos or an Intro-course to see what we can offer!

To claim your Certified D# Professional badge please contact us.

It may be easier to get quickly on board if you have a generic understanding of the matters mentioned in the gray boxes to the left.

  • With the word “ecosystem” we mean the Data tools and environments of for example Microsoft Azure, Snowflake, AWS or Google.
  • With Modeling we meet different types of modeling Business Data.
  • Data Vault 2.0 can be learned by reading Dan Linstedt’s books and/or by joining a course at for example Ari Hovi or Scalefree.

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