New PostGreSQL Button

The Second Button

Just a short update. I’ve had the opportunity to take part in a seriously fun and interesting project where we try out a couple of available DWA tools on different platforms (SQL Server, PostgreSQL).  So far, every D♯ implementation…

Tero-Matti On Board!

We are extremely happy to announce that Tero-Matti Kinanen has joined DSharp Oy as our new CEO on October 29, 2021. He has previously worked at Productivity Leap, DigiFinland and Cerion Solutions and is one of the leading data professionals…

D♯ Partners Succeed with Excellent Productivity

High productivity in modern data platform development is the key to success. Our partners grow their businesses successfully with D♯; one person does the job of five to six persons during the development lifecycle. Have a look at this…

External study: Sharp Observations About Business Data Platforms

During spring and autumn 2021 we did a market study regarding emerging trends and focus areas in Business Data Platforms together with University of Turku.   Key phenomena studied were:  Business Data PlatformsLow Code…

D♯ Community Launched!

We are happy to announce that the D♯ Developer Community site has been opened to BDP developers. All current licensed D♯ professionals have been given access, as will all future ones. So, without further ado, welcome everybody, and let's…

August 2021 Update

More and more customers are committing to D♯. The number of license subscriptions and data professionals keeps growing. We are extremely happy that DSharp Oy is already breaking even, which is a testament to a highly competitive product and…

New Age Data Careers – D# Training Program

Growing Demand After the digitalization leap caused by Corona many analysts are forecasting 10-15% growth for the data market in the next 5 years. Hence, the demand for Data Vault 2.0 and D♯-based Data Platforms is growing rapidly.…

D♯ version 2.4.1 is available now!

In April we rolled out version 2.4 of the D♯ Toolbox to partners, customer projects, trials and PoCs. Based on feedback from D# trainings and workshops within the D♯ Business Data Platform (BDP) developer community, we are now…
Enjoy world class automation with D#

D♯ presentation – The Business Data Platform for the rest of us

When Steve Jobs launched "The Computer For The Rest of Us" a long time ago, his thought was to make computers usable and understandable for people with no technical background. In the D# team we feel that the market for data platforms, reporting,…
Cerion and DSharp showroom

IT-days for Finnish health care on 25. – 26.5.

Join us 25. - 26.5.2021 at the IT-days for health care in Finland "Sosiaali- ja terveydenhuollon Atk-päivät"! We are virtually present with our partner Cerion Solutions Oy to showcase our technology in the field of automated health data…
Data Warehouse Automation

LUT University took a giant leap in data warehousing

During 2018-2020 LUT University went through major changes and mergers. The need for collecting and unifying reliable data to feed reporting, analytics and forecasting became acute. LUT, Cerion and DSharp co-operated in specifying and implementing…

Realia Group is aiming for growth – a modern Data Warehouse creates great potential for Business Data usage

Together with DSharp's partner Cerion Solutions Oy, our Professional Services have an essential role in creating the Realia Group customer success story you can read about (in finnish) here. Our active contribution to the project has…

Conceptual Modeling and Data Vault 2.0 Automation webinar

Together with Cerion and Microsoft we arranged a webinar regarding Conceptual Modeling and Data Vault 2.0 Automation on 13.4.2021 at 13.00. See the agenda here! We thank all participants! Watch the webinar here!

New Age Data Careers / Professional Growth

The demand for Data Vault 2.0 and D♯-based Data Platforms is growing rapidly. In parallel the need for business-driven conceptual and data modeling is on the rise as our customers and partners invest in Data Leadership, Data Governance, smarter…

Netum D#-kumppaniksi

Netum D#-kumppaniksi – Cerionin kehittämä tuote on tietovarastokehittäjän uusi huipputyökalu IT-palvelutalo Netum on ryhtynyt tammikuusta 2021 alkaen Cerionin kehittämän D#-tuotteen (DSharp) kumppaniksi. D# on tietovarastojen kehittämiseen…

Celebrating 15 years of Data Warehouse Automation

In business intelligence, as far as basic needs go, not much has really changed in 15 years. People still need data for decision making. Technology has changed, luckily, and keeps doing it, rapidly. Cloud based BI solutions evolve and change…
Independent company

D♯ Product Business Into a New Independent Company

Background story Fifteen years ago Cerion created, developed and imported tools and methodologies for data warehouse automation. The consulting company was one of the first (on the planet) to automatically generate structures and load procedures…

Parempia päätöksiä modernilla, automatisoidulla tietoalustalla

D♯ (lausutaan "dii sharp") sisältää menetelmän ja sitä tukevat työkalut ketterään tietovarastokehitykseen. Menetelmä pohjautuu toiminnan käsitteiden mallintamiseen tarvelähtöisesti. Käsitemalli on samalla…
Data Vault -automation

Cerion loi ja toi Data Vault -automaation Suomeen

Cerion loi ja toi Data Vault -automaation Suomeen Nyt luodaan hyvinvointiyhteiskuntaa Cerionin pioneerityö Toistakymmentä vuotta sitten tietoalustat ja -varastot rakennettiin vielä täysin manuaalisesti isoilla budjeteilla. Näimme…

Moderni tietoalusta – Datan jalostamisen hybridiarkkitehtuuri

Perinteisesti tietovarastoa ja tietoalustaa rakennettaessa on tunnistettu prosessi erittäin hitaaksi. Puhuttiin usein useiden kuukausien työstä, kun muodostettiin uusia raportteja, jos lähdeaineistoa ei ollut tietovarastossa saatavilla.…

Cerionista Tampereen kaupungin strateginen tietovarastoinnin kehittämiskumppani

Tietovarastoinnin uudistuksen tavoitteena on tuoda kustannustehokkuutta talouden hallintaan ja valjastaa data entistä monipuolisemmin hyödynnettäväksi. Tampere siirtyy data-alustan automatisoinnin edelläkävijäkaupunkien joukkoon Cerionin…

The Future: Low-Code Data Platforms

Cerion’s SmartEngine is a reliable data engine that automatically generates highly scalable Data Platform structures from visual conceptual data models and meta data. Modern Best Practise methodologies, like DataOps, DevOps, Iterative…

On-premise tietovaraston siirtäminen Azure-pilvipalveluun -webinaari

Miten käsitemallipohjainen tietovarasto rakennetaan Azure-alustalle ja miten on-premise tietovarasto siirretään Azure-pilvipalveluun? Lue lisää Cerionin sivuilta.

Monetra toi tiedolla johtamisen kunta-asiakkailleen

Monetra halusi tarjota asiakkailleen ajantasaisen ja visuaalisen näkymän talouteen ja henkilöstöhallintoon. Cerionin kanssa toteutettiin tietovarastoautomaatio, joka tuo Monetran kunta-asiakkaiden talous- ja henkilöstödatan tehokkaampaan…