Independent company

Background story

Fifteen years ago Cerion created, developed and imported tools and methodologies for data warehouse automation. The consulting company was one of the first (on the planet) to automatically generate structures and load procedures for highly scalable, flexible and sustainable Business Data Platforms. The productivity boost gained by Cerion’s in-house tool led to the implementation of tens of new customer solutions. Most were EDW’s, multi-organization reporting solutions, business unit solutions. Some smaller solutions were implemented, as well. Main users of the tool were Cerion’s own Data Professionals and it was called SmartDW. Data industry terminology emerging in 2020-2021, like “DataOps” and “Low code data platform” now describes what happened in a pioneer company, many years ago.

A few years later the demand for the Data Vault and Data Vault 2.0 architecture increased and DV 2.0 support was added. Continuous and determined development lead to an open product and rebranding. The name chosen was D♯ (pronounced Dee Sharp).

In april 2020 we opened up the D♯-methodology and D♯-toolbox for any Data Professional, even to Cerion’s competitors. The demand was higher than we expected. In parallel we productified demonstrations and training courses, added tutorials etc. We have succeeded in speeding up the learning process for a growing number of D♯-professionals. Increased productivity, speed and flexibility as well as pragmatic, efficient and clear working habits were some of the benefits raised by new Data Professionals joining the emerging D♯-community.

Today we are happy to announce…

Today we are happy to announce that we have moved the D♯ product business into a new company starting January 1st, 2021. The company, DSharp Oy, will focus on providing the best and most flexible automation tools for building and maintaining highly scalable and sustainable data platforms. The co-operation between D♯ and Cerion will naturally continue.

Join us!

We are searching for best talent and recruiting to strengthen our team. A partnership network is being created.
In parallel we are also searching for new investors to join and speed up our success story from this point forward.


Yngve (on behalf of the D♯-team)