Professional services

Knowledge Management Kick Off

A quick start for developing the organization’s knowledge-based management.

With vast experience with several major cities and companies’ knowledge management development we will help you kick off and accelerate your knowledge management project.

We’ll find out what knowledge management needs your organization has and document them in the form of a conceptual model. We’ll find out what possible data blind spots there are. Your organization’s data and their sources will be visualized. We describe what information the management really needs, where this information is and how it is related to the rest of the organization’s data.

You get an idea of how your organization can be better managed by information and what the wider development of knowledge management would require.

Duration 2 months

Data Warehouse Proof of Concept

A production-ready reporting solution based on a data warehouse. Built with selected content and for one use case with a one-time data load.

We have built hundreds of data warehouses from scratch and have designed a lean method to create a well-formed data warehouse. The best way to start is to do one part well first and extend from there.

The result of the Proof of Concept remains in the customer’s environment, the customer can further develop it if they wish.

Your organization gets a better feel for data and its utilization, as well as skills for the development of knowledge management in your organization.

You get to experience an agile operating model and use the knowledge in further developing your data warehouse and knowledge management.

Duration 3 months

Business Data Platform as a Service

A ready-made data platform with the all the tools necessary to develop a data warehouse without a large initial investment.

You get a data platform that can be implemented effortlessly. Gain the benefits of a Data Platform significantly faster than starting from scratch. You get a secure, tested, functional and efficient data platform to work with.

The service can be implemented either on the customer’s own cloud platform or on the platform provided by DSharp.

We also offer:

  • BDP (Business Data Platform) -developer support to customers and partners (devsupport(at)
  • Customer funded tool development and extensions
  • We also support our partners in evaluations, case and architecture planning, sales, etc.

Some examples:

  • Evaluations of modeling tools, customer ecosystems and finding a route forward
  • DataOps Methodology Consulting
  • Data Extraction Consulting
  • Data Security Consulting