D♯ Training and Certifications

We are actively training and coaching our customers and partners how to use the D♯ Toolbox to build and maintain a Data Warehouse.

As part of our training program we offer public intro courses and certification training for D♯ professionals. Customised training courses are also available on request.

The number of trained D♯ professionals has increased to dozens in less than a year. New trials and Proof-of-Concept projects are proceeding well and many new customer implementations have already started.

Upcoming courses and focused workshops

Please contact sales to reserve a new date or a seat.

Thank you for your participation

  • Online D♯ Advanced BDP Developer course 9.9.2021
  • Online D♯ intro course 24.8.2021
  • Online D♯ intro course 2.6.2021
  • D♯ version 2.4 demo and extensive Q&A during weeks 17 and 18
    • 2h sessions for Customers and Partners
  • D♯ version 2.4: New Features, License Practicalities and Q&A during weeks 16 and 17
    • 1h sessions for Customers and Partners
  • Online D♯ intro course 17.3.2021
  • Online D♯ Business Modeling Workshop, 19.2.2021
  • Online D♯ intro course 17.2.2021
  • Online D♯ intro course 27.1.2021
  • Online D♯ intro course 18.11.2020
  • Online D♯ intro course 12.11.2020
  • Online D♯ intro course 12.10.2020
  • Online D♯ intro course 9.10.2020


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