Cerion’s SmartEngine is a reliable data engine that automatically generates highly scalable Data Platform structures from visual conceptual data models and meta data. Modern Best Practise methodologies, like DataOps, DevOps, Iterative development and Agile models are fully supported. High productivity is undisputable and total cost of ownership (TCO) during the life cycle is among the best.

With the term D♯ (read Dee Sharp) we refer to the methodology of building and maintaining leading Data Platforms together with the customer. D♯ was previously called SmartDW. D♯ is one of the leading low-code development environments and concepts for modern Big Data and Data Vault 2.0 data business solutions. D♯ also takes into account hybrid data solutions and aim for seamless compatibility within the enterprise data architecture of big customers. Re-usability in data modelling, full visibility into the data assets of big organisations, and better data governance are some of the benefits. Within the D♯-methodology development work can be shared with the customer in many different ways. The customer can go for a turnkey solution by outsourcing most of the work to the vendor or choose more self-service, depending on the capability of customer’s personnel. Responsibilities can be managed with e.g. a simple RACI-matrix.

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