Koeda Consulting and DSharp begin cooperation

Koeda Consulting and DSharp begin cooperation in marketing and delivery of business data platforms.

“D# is such an excellent product! The partnership with DSharp was a no-brainer for us”, says Juha Koski, CEO of Koeda Consulting Oy.

Key players of Koeda and DSharp have been working together previously. This guarantees a quick and strong start to the partnership.

Konsta Weber joins DSharp

On the 1st of August I started my mission to take DSharp international. In the first week I contacted our first international partner candidates and updated the internationalization plan. It became clear for me that my decision to join DSharp in its Data Warehouse Automation quest was the right thing to do.

Today all successful companies and organizations are also IT companies. Leading companies need information and insights to thrive. Huge amounts of business data and information has to be collected, merged, refined, enriched, simplified etc. in order to create real value for the decision makers at several levels in the organization. Refined business data should easily be visualized into reports, dashboards and charts. The business users and decision makers get the actuals, forecasts and simulations in their own language and format. The data market is growing rapidly and DSharp is in the core of it.

But just a great company was not enough to get me involved. A great team is a must. My colleagues at DSharp Tero-Matti, Sonja, Kim, Yngve and our lead investor Mika are all seasoned professionals in their fields. The first week was fun and we already got some stuff done.

My deep dive into the world of Data Vault 2.0, Data Warehouse Automation, Data Lakes, Data Lakehouses, DataOps, LowCode and other Data Platform Technologies has been intensive and enlightening. It feels good to continue diving.

I’m looking forward to meeting all of you.  Get in touch: +358 40 820 4983 or konsta.weber@dsharp.fi or drop in our office for a coffee.

Yours truly,

Konsta Weber

Check out Konsta’s contact page and LinkedIn for more info.

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