New PostGreSQL Button

Just a short update.

I’ve had the opportunity to take part in a seriously fun and interesting project where we try out a couple of available DWA tools on different platforms (SQL Server, PostgreSQL). 

So far, every D♯ implementation ever has been exclusively for the Microsoft platform. A rather interesting side effect of this (still ongoing) project is the possibility to choose a PostgreSQL database as the target platform, which opens up a lot of possibilities (like adding any new platform through scripting and templates). 

So, as of yesterday (not bad for a monday), using the same mappings and conceptual model (modeled with Ellie), I can press the MS button and get a fully functional SQL Server / Azure Data Vault implementation (nothing new there), but I can also press the PostgreSQL button and get a fully functional PostgreSQL Data Vault implementation, which is new. So expect that feature to be included in a future release, as it makes perfect commercial sense to be database platform independent.

All in all, that’s seriously cross-platform low code, plus 100% reuse of model & mappings!

Back to work, stay tuned,


Updated the FAQ section with D♯ Engine error message tips.