The city of Järvenpää is now able to produce reports quickly and cost-effectively from different information systems. The information has been harnessed even better for decision-making and it is also planned to be shared openly with the municipal citizens. DSharp worked together with Netum on the data platform project for Järvenpää.

Business modeling in focus

Data warehouse automation played a key role in the development of Järvenpää city’s knowledge-based management. At the heart of data warehouse automation was the concept modeling done by DSharp. When the data warehouse is built model based, no one has to code it. According to, Tero-Matti Kinanen, CEO of DSharp, the city of Järvenpää has understood very well what agile development means.

– The city of Järvenpää has put ready-made reports into use and in this way has been able to immediately enjoy the results of the work. Significant benefits from data warehouse automation have been obtained at a fast pace, says Tero-Matti Kinanen

Business benefits have always been the red thread of the work.

– Business modeling has played an absolutely central role in the fact that the city of Järvenpää has risen to the forefront of the municipal sector in knowledge management, says Kinanen.

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