DSharp Engine on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

The DSharp Engine can now be found on all Microsoft’s marketplaces: Azure Marketplace and AppSource.

– The cooperation with Microsoft has progressed to the point where we can take our software to the world together with them. As a cooperation partner, Microsoft brings the necessary credibility in the international market, Konsta Weber, business development lead, describes the importance of the step.

The listing process involved several meetings with different Microsoft representants. Microsoft has a well-designed path for entering the marketplace so once the first more tricky steps had been taken the process continued smoothly.

Microsoft AppSource is a place to find business solutions. Microsoft Azure Marketplace is designed to be used by developers. As the DSharp Engine serves both business users and developers it is suited to be present in both Marketplaces.

DSharp has worked with Microsoft for a long time. The databases we support in Azure are Azure SQL Database and Microsoft Synapse Analytics. We also support SQL Server Databases for on-premise implementations. Taking DSharp Engine to the marketplaces was a logical next step.

In the future we aim to deepen our collaboration with Microsoft in co-selling and offering a wider range of products in Azure.

Beginning to sell our solution through Microsoft on its Marketplaces brings us new opportunities to expand our international sales.

Links to the Marketplaces:

Microsoft Azure Marketplace

  • The DSharp Engine is listed in the Azure Marketplace here

Microsoft AppSource

  • See DSharp’s company page on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace
  • The DSharp Engine is listed in Microsoft AppSource here