DSharp engine 3.2

The new version 3.2 of the D# Engine brings direct database connectivity. You can now connect to source and target servers using native drivers when connecting to Microsoft SQL Server variants and ODBC otherwise.

Use the new Servers tree view to browse the contents of the registered database servers.

You can also import the table structures into new mapping files from here, which makes mapping easier than before.

The Source-data-to-Model-element mapping process is now inside the D♯ Engine. You can use the familiar spreadsheet layout to edit and create the mappings inside the D# Engine. In the new version it is also possible to create mappings by dragging and dropping from the Server and Conceptual model hierarchies, either row by row or in larger batches which greatly simplifies the mapping process.

The Data Grid is updated. It now has the same syntax-aware SQL editor as the SQL pane. The user can click anywhere on any class or data object, real or virtual, to browse its data. For classes and generated tables and views, it queries the data from the SQL Target server, which can be set in the Properties of the database server. For real server objects it shows the content of the actual clicked table or view.

Version 3.2 was released on the 30th of September. Data Platform Developers with access to the community pages can read the full release notes here. We will continue to publish 1 release per quarter. Revisions may be published more frequently. Stay tuned for our year end version v.3.3; we have some amazing stuff in the pipeline.