Enjoy world class automation with D#

When Steve Jobs launched “The Computer For The Rest of Us” a long time ago, his thought was to make computers usable and understandable for people with no technical background. In the D# team we feel that the market for data platforms, reporting, analytics, etc. is in still in “the same stage” where computers were in the 1980s. Many customers are (in 2021) really confused by the rapidly changing and ultra-technological language used by technology players and data consultants in our field. The message and recommendations are highly conflicting and different “schools” are not necessarily even compatible with each other. Customers are too often misled by big and small vendors to focus on technological matters and suboptimized point solutions instead of understanding the big picture and creating pragmatically working and understandable business data solutions that are flexible and sustainable in a rapidly changing world, where smart and wise decisions are needed quicky – all the time, every day.

This short PDF presentation (in English and Finnish) communicates the key issues in achieving a “Business Data Platform for the rest of us“. Terms like Conceptual Modeling, Data Vault, Automation and DSharp (D#) are described in a simple way. It all starts from simplifying the language. Our mission is to get business data people to discuss and work together with IT Data people in order to achieve great value for decision makers.