In April we rolled out version 2.4 of the D♯ Toolbox to partners, customer projects, trials and PoCs. Based on feedback from D# trainings and workshops within the D♯ Business Data Platform (BDP) developer community, we are now happy to announce a further improved version – v.2.4.1.

D♯ v.2.4 – a continuation of v.2.2 and v.2.3.

As the core functionality has been there since version 2.0, the functional highlights of D♯ 2.2 to 2.4 are mostly about streamlining many of the small development-phase tasks the BDP professional performs several times a day, thus further increasing productivity. This includes analysis queries, deployment functionality and usability features. On the core functionality side of things, as important groundwork for the future, the base for Business Vault automation has also been laid. Also, tutorials and other learning material have been expanded for use both in training sessions and for self-learning.

Many improvements have also been made to the commercial packaging of the software in order to enable support for a growing amount of BDP professionals among our customers and partners. The D♯ community is starting to take form as the learning process is improving in parallel:

  • Best recruits with the right background ->
  • D# demonstrations and D# Introduction course ->
  • Self-learning tutorials and D# Advanced course ->
  • PoCs, trials or technology evaluations ->
  • D# certifications.

We are inviting you to join us in creating new school data careers.

v.2.4 and v.2.4.1

Model and mapping analysis catch more modeling and mapping issues than before, leading to faster model-to-SQL -development cycles. The automatically generated HTML-documentation has been extended with Data Lineage diagrams for each automated entity. Changes in how the model based views are generated have greatly improved the query speeds. License and version management is clearer than ever and openness has increased further.

A summary of new features launched can be found here.