Path from demos to production

We have already trained dozens of Data Professionals in D♯ and SmartEngine. Many automated Data Platform trials and PoCs are in progress together with our partners. Business Data Platforms in production increased with several new customers during 2020.

Take a look at our first Partners

Cerion Solutions Oy is our first partner and has tens of D♯ customer installations. Cerion already has more than ten trained D♯ professionals. Some examples of our brilliant cooperation:

Ellie Technologies Inc. is a trusted partner of DSharp Oy.

Netum Group Oy is a rapidly growing partner. See press release.

Microsoft is one of our technology partners.

  • Take a look at Microsoft’s Azure offering
  • As a developer partner we have access to Microsoft’s entire technology palette for emerging technologies such as Machine Learning, Software Bots, IoT, etc.

We are searching for more D♯ partners in Finland

Please contact sales for further information.