Path from demos to production

We have already trained dozens of Data Professionals in D♯ and SmartEngine. Many automated Data Platform trials and PoCs are in progress together with our partners. Business Data Platforms in production increased with several new customers during 2020 and 2021.

Take a look at our first Partners

Cerion Solutions Oy is our first partner and has tens of D♯ customer installations and a growing portfolio of D♯ customer delivery projects. Cerion has committed to the D♯ Training Program, and the number of  trained D♯ professionals already approaches 15.

Some examples of our brilliant cooperation:

Ellie Technologies Inc. is a trusted partner of DSharp Oy.

Netum Group Oy is a rapidly growing partner. See press release.

Productivity Leap is our latest partner, providing services and solutions for their customers, now using D♯ for yet another productivity leap!

Microsoft is one of our technology partners.

  • Take a look at Microsoft’s Azure offering
  • As a developer partner we have access to Microsoft’s entire technology palette for emerging technologies such as Machine Learning, Software Bots, IoT, etc.

We are searching for more D♯ partners in Finland

Please contact sales for further information.