Fun Stuff

Summer Is Coming

I am, on behalf of the amazing-stories-and-wild-imagination department, embarrassed beyond words to be forced to present this cringeworthy first version of possible future marketing material that apparently tries to describe some far fetched…
Logo D#

Why D♯?

The name originates in music; it’s the name of the musical note that is one semitone higher than the note D. It is pronounced [di: ʃɑ:p]. The name itself is a lesson in precision. Note (!) that it is not D#. It’s D♯. The ♯…

More Than D

D♯ is like a D, just more. The same way your Data is just more once you sharpen it. D♯ vibrates at a higher frequency than just an ordinary D. So it makes sense that a reporting solution generated with D♯ is delivered faster than solutions…

A Notable Event

SmartEngine turned 2.0 a couple of years ago, and in anticipation we celebrated to the tune of this remake of an 80's classic. Trio Duo · Kuutiotalo