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New And Upcoming Things (incl Summer)

Version 3.1 of D♯ Engine is out! It completely redefines how to use model based automation to implement the Business Model! Just use a simple dot-notation path to traverse the model in order to reference classes, associations and attributes. Not having to write or even think about SQL joins was never this fun, and the job still gets done! With new features come new opportunities to spread the word about them. Starting September, we will […]


The Second Button

Just a short update. I’ve had the opportunity to take part in a seriously fun and interesting project where we try out a couple of available DWA tools on different platforms (SQL Server, PostgreSQL).  So far, every D♯ implementation ever has been exclusively for the Microsoft platform. A rather interesting side effect of this (still ongoing) project is the possibility to choose a PostgreSQL database as the target platform, which opens up a lot of […]

Summer Is Coming

I am, on behalf of the amazing-stories-and-wild-imagination department, embarrassed beyond words to be forced to present this cringeworthy first version of possible future marketing material that apparently tries to describe some far fetched connection between the D♯ logo and our front page message. In addition to the apparent vanishing of competent marketing guys, devsupport will also slowly transition into summer schedule starting after Midsummer, lasting the entire July. So expect a slightly slower response during that […]

Celebrating 15 years of Data Warehouse Automation

In business intelligence, as far as basic needs go, not much has really changed in 15 years. People still need data for decision making. Technology has changed, luckily, and keeps doing it, rapidly. Cloud based BI solutions evolve and change between page reloads, it appears. For me, though, the biggest change is that finally there is some reusability in Data Warehousing. 15 years ago there was really nothing except personal experience that had any impact […]